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was a vatican investigation halted? whoyman's guide to the man the theory that makes guide any relevance. >> i answer questions about life and everything. >> we explore the cultural legacy of the most talked-about bed. >> is that a hot water bottle or are you pleased to see me? the waterbed, is it the betting choice for the future? -- bedding choice? >> next week's visit to great britain by the pope is historic and highly controversial. he ran the vatican department charged with investigating miscreant priests. defenders say he was thwarted in major cases by another influential cardinal and his predecessor. peter marshall reports on inquiries into the most serious of these cases. >> what is truth? truitt sets you free. god is truth. -- trysta sets you free. sexual abuse in the church has been hidden for many years. what has been the role of joseph? first as cardinal and now as pope. >> he had the case and did not do anything for six years. >> he does seem to be frightened. he seems to be boxed in. >> the cover-up has been going on for many years and people have lost their faith. >> the way he
. the president of the vatican bank is humiliated after a police launches an investigation into money laundering. welcome to "bbc world news," podcast to pbs yours. angry scenes outside the greek parliament. show us the money. paris tries to recapture the high ground of international art with impressionism. >> republicans have blocked an opponent to allow gay people to serve openly in the american military. they say the don't ask, don't tell would damage morale. is a big upset for president obama. -- it is a big upset. our washington correspondent says the way the proposal was presented was unusual from the start. >> the democrats were using the mechanism of trying to get this through by attaching it to a defense spending bill. it upset a lot of republicans, including those in favor of repealing the ban. they failed to persuade the republicans they needed to cross the aisle and vote with them. they also lost two democratic votes. it means that this measure has been shelved until after the midterm elections in november. >> even though senior figures in the military were in support of a repeal. >>
youngest son as his successor. and money laundering at the bank of the vatican. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- . dementia at the damage. the global problem costing the world $600 billion and no cure in sight. and back on display -- some of the ancient iraqi artifacts looted during the 2003 war. hello to you. the indian government wanted to host the commonwealth games to highlight the country's many strengths. but now the games have become an embarrassment. within two weeks, 71,000 athletes and officials from 71 former british colonies are due in delhi. there are already complaints about filthy accommodations and safety concerns have been raised with the collapse of a foot bridge, injuring 23 people. >> india's dream of glory has turned to its worst nightmare. every deadline has been advanced. the worst monsoon in 30 years has left of flood and an outbreak of fever. the latest worry, blocks of luxury flats meant to house athletes. initially, it was said to be even better than
his youngest son his successor. and allegations of money laundering at the vatican. ed welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- dementia, the epidemic, costing the world $600 billion and no cure in sight. and back on display. some iraqi architects after the 2003 war. hello to you. the indian government once the commonwealth games to highlight the country's many strengths. but many fear the games have become an embarrassment. within two weeks, 71,000 athletes and officials are due in delhi. there are already complaints of filthy accommodation and safety concerns with the collapse of a footbridge injuring 23. our correspondent is there. >> dreams of glory are turning into a nightmare. every deadline has been mixed. the worst monsoon in 30 years has left floods and an outbreak of fever. the latest worry is -- the accommodations for the athletes. once teams began arriving, it became clear that conditions are far worse. on the surface, it is under command. on other blocks, they have bee
. >> colonel walter casper is a vatican insiders. he has been a senior aide to pope benedict for a decade. his role is to promote christian unity. he was part of the pope's entourage to britain. now, just hours before pope benedict's plane lands, the cardinal has made provocative comments about britain's christian identity and culture. in the german magazine "focus," he said england is a secular and pluralistic country. when you land at heathrow airport you sometimes think you landed at the third world country. when asked are christians in england discriminated against, he said an aggressive neo-'80s and is widespread. if you wear a cross at british airways, you are discriminated against. it is not known whether the pope has been told about the cardinals views. some catholic commentators have expressed their unease. >> they concern me because some of them, such as this about be a discriminates against anybody who flies with them and where's the crucifix, is obviously a distortion of a news story from some time ago. it does make me wonder what people talk about in the vatican about britain. >>
the pope. today, the pope met with victims of the abuse. john allen is our senior vatican analyst, joining us live from london. good to see you. >> hey, fredericka. >> not only is the pope addressing the sex abuse scandal by meeting with victims and everywhere he goes, people are asking him to comment on it. lately, people are asking him to comment about women being ordained as priests. we heard in carol costello's piece, they don't think the pope is open, but others have said he is the pope that is very open. which is it for you? >> all of the above. i think he's an open guy. he's a world class intellectual and loves the clash of ideas. he's a gracious and humble man who is a great listener. he's got firm convictions he believes are the truth and come from church conviction. one of the fixed points of truth is christ called only men to priesthood and the church doesn't have the authority to ordain them. the women we saw in carol's priest are not priests or bishops, but sinners in the eyes of god. >> and excommunicated if -- >> not potentially, it's for sure. >> those women in carol's piec
. >>> nuns versus the vatican. catholic nuns fighting back, apparently, in the face of investigations into whether they've strayed too far from the teachings of the church. it is now just about 23 minutes after the hour. kens. i was tired of living in my apartment. decided hey, let's go buy a house! i could go to and sign all of the paper work i needed to take care of. and it didn't have to be between 9 and 5 -- which doesn't always work for me. the people at quicken loans really care. it was nice to being able to call them whenever i needed to answer questions. they were on it. they were on top of everything. quicken loans made everything super convenient and easy. so the fact that they could work with my schedule was just wonderful. that's why i love quicken loans! ♪ duare almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its firstr breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions to accomplish just that. ask a financial profe
's conference. they will screen "pink smoke over the vatican." they are women who are ordained as priests. joining us live the film's director, jules heart. first, let's get a small view of "pink smoke over the vatican." ♪ >> in another century, eem sure i would have expensed physical violence. >> we probably would have been burned at the stake centuries ago. >> jules heart, one of the film makers here. give me an idea what the message was. you wanted to show the ord nation of women as priests is courageous and dangerous. >> absolutely. many of these women lost their incomes. they have been tossed out of their spiritual communities, they have lost their spiritual home. many of them have been excommunicated. for them, it puts their immortal souls in danger. >> so, this has been, i guess a contentious issue for a long time. many in the catholic church said we would love to see women play a larger role in the hierarchy. we would love to see women priests. the vast majority of the catholic church is saying, no, it's not going to happen. is it your hope that your film is going to change the
and palestinians. a senior vatican official describes the uk as a third world country. he has pulled out of the pope's statement. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america, also run the globe. coming up later, outside, the streets ring with protests. inside, france's lower house passes the bill which will raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, and serving therapy. can riding a wave help you call for mental health problems? public service is putting in health care money to find out. hello to you. millions -- yes, millions -- of people are going hungry at this moment across central and western africa. the worst affected country is niger, a country even larger than the united states of california and texas together, but with a population of just 15 million. the drought's amid flooding of ruined crops. help has not been enough. we go to niger for this special report. >> according to the united nations, in development terms, niger is the world's poorest nation. for the past year, the united nations has been appealing to the international community for help, and though the call has been answer
was pope benedict he was cardinal ratzinger. one of the most powerful men in the vatican. it's recently come to light that as head of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith cardinal ratzinger had direct responsibility for decisions in notorious sex abuse cases. cnn's gary tuchman is examining the handling of a case from the heartland of the united states. ♪ >> reporter: by 2001, the sexual abuse crisis beginning to engulf the catholic church but pope john paul did not address the crisis. priests in the u.s. were being on trial for abuse, even rape. >> the era of denial was clearly over. ratzinger finally convinced his boss that we have to start doing something. he knew the sort of media scandal was coming down. >> reporter: the pope gave cardinal ratzinger and cdf the power to cut through the bureaucracy and handle all sexual abuse cases directly. john allen believes ratzinger underwent a kind of conversion. >> reading the case files with the detailed notes they contained about the testimony of victims, over and over again, convinced him that this wasn't just about smoke. ther
in the grill of the car. >>> coming up on the news edge at 6:00, millions of dollars seized from the vatican in a money laundering investigation. >>> and city officials in a small town taking home more money than the president of the united states. it sparked outrage in california this summer. now eight people are facing charges. details after the break. d right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. >>> quick update on the outrageous salaries city officials in bell, california were taken home. eight people have been arrested. residents were outraged after learning officials were paying them
other qualities as well. >> the vatican police say they are looking into alleged mistakes mean to italy's anti- laundering laws. the vanaman -- the vatican's spokesman says he is perplexed by the investigation. coming up, doug has details of these complete forecast. >> the washington redskins and a bunch of local children, and i mean a bunch, broke a world record today. >> not only that, but the redskins make a move -- make a move at running back. speaking of which, why can't they do this anymore? speaking of which, why can't they do this anymore? they say they can't, the right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning stronmeans opportunity.d and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even b
live. >>> and another scandal for the vatican and nothing to do with sex but everything to do with money. >>> maybe your house wouldn't have gone into foreclosure if the lender had checked the paper work first. i'm kyra phillips s and you're live in the cnn newsroom. >>> bishop eddie long leads one of the largest churches in the country but today accused of betraying the trust of those that follow him. two men filed lawsuits claiming he coerced them into sexual relationships when they were teenagers. he is a national known minister and the claims are shocking in contrast to the public image. he crusade against homosexual y homosexuality. the success as a pastor is undeniable. two decades after taking over a small church, the followers number 25,000. spokesperson for eddie long denies the allegations but it's sending shock waves through the empire. ed lavandera is here with a closer look. shocked not only the empire but so many people of faith. >> well, no. the reach of eddie long for those of you that don't know much about him, you can't deny it. internationally renowned min
in the eyes of the vatican and why they continue to practice caaholicism even though their church does not recognizz them. coming up in the cover story..3 >> tell you why the octomom is ovvrwhelmmd. not by her children. no. this ttme it is 3 >> long time maryland senator %-just thhee weeks afterrtheulty indictment for briiery and mail fraud. jjff abell said cuurie's health is in question tonight. >> senator ulysses currie came to court to answerrfeeeral corruption charges and left saying very little. >> no comment. >> buttbefore a federrl jjdge this morning, currie pleaded not guilty to all 18 counsels of a indictment. accused him of accepting bribes, almost a quarter million dolllrs from tte shoppers food warehouse, in exchange for his influeene in annapolis. and ccurie has been the target of a federal robe that began almost three-years ago. and included a raid on his prince george'sscounty home.ú throughout the investigation, currie has been represented by a private attorney. but in ccurt today, two public defenderr were by hii side. >> frankly only the wealthy can actually afford
're catholic. rome was conquered from the pagans and their altars destroyed so the vatican can be built. conquistadors and pilgrims built their own houses of worship. is the vatican a victory church? >> no, that is -- >> it's not? >> you are incorrect in your statement, sir. >> wait, so, wait, just about every religion, when a religion in the past used to conquer in a war, they wouldn't build a house of worship, the catholic church didn't build houses of worship on the sites of other religions? >> now, we all know about religion. i'm a -- >> yes or no, i know. >> i'm a catholic, yes, i am. no. you are wrong in your assumptions and, you know, i guess what i could ask you is are you anti-religion, are you anti-christian? >> that is like -- that's like the lowest response i've ever heard from a candidate. i've got to tell you. >> really? really? i really don't think that is. >> so the history of rome, rome was not conquered from another group? >> well, rome was a pagan nation before it was a christian nation. >> right. it was conquered by the pagans. >> i am losing your point and the fact
the pope and vatican have been handling the sex scandals, but did it make a difference, fire people up even more, these comments that came out from a chief adviser to the pope, likening london in particular and great britain, to a third world country? >> t.j., you and i have talked before, the vatican seems to have a special genius for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. this would be another case and point. the retired official, who was the vatican's top official for more than a decade, said that in an interview with a german newspaper and it has been a fairly big deal in the british press today and on the street. a lot of people are taking it as a poke in the why. what the vatican said he meant is that the u.k. is an increasedly multicultural society. anybody who knows him knows he's a sophisticated guy. i'm sure he didn't mean to give offense, but in the court of. opinion, this is yet another pr gaffe for a pope who doesn't need one more. >> forgive me, if you can, stand by. i need to jump to breaking news out of baltimore. there is a press conference about the shooting. >> we are
a vatican bank yesterday as part of a money laundering scheme by top church officials. the vatican said it was both perplexed and surprised by the investigation. >>> twitter's website was hacked yesterday causing pornographic web pages to pop up when some users moused over sites. >>> keep an eye on adobe systems today. shares of the softwaremaker plunged after low forecasts. >>> a couple staying at the golden beach hotel in england was kicked out after the second day of their prepaid three day stay after allegedly posting a negative comment on trip adviser. 50% of the trip adviser users give it a negative rating. >>> the yankees and phillies open up some distance. mrus, an amazing trick shot goes in. but is it a hole in one or worth two points? your early morning sports headlines are just ahead. >>> even though we're heading into fall, the summer heat refuses to go away. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sorts, the yankees jumped all over the visiting tampa bay rays last night to seize control
-american community. last october the vatican made it easier for disaffected anglocans to become catholic. a highlight is the trip is the -- but perhaps the biggest challenge has been making the case for faith and a nation known for growing secularism. throughout the trip benedict called for the values of cultural christianity. >>> and kim, this trip to britain is part of the pope's overall effort to try to roll back the trend of secularism all over europe. no easy task./ >> it's a big task and one that he's very concerned about. he has been throughout his papacy. he just created a new department in the vatican to focus on doing that. and in many ways, britain was a real test case or a real case study about this growing secularism. there were some new polling released with the visit that showed that 60% of british people say they never go to church. 42% say they don't belong to any religion and almost 20% said they're sure there is no god. so that was a big task for him to try to make a case that christianity and faith are good for society. now his message that he wanted to transmit faced a lot of cha
/11 by burning the koran has sparked protests as far away as kabul while trying condemnation from the vatican. my co-anchor terry moran traveled to florida today to talk faith, hate and free speech with pastor terry jones. >> reporter: it a tiny but fervent congregation. the dove world outreach center has 30 con agree gants this sunday, and it is like many -- there is steaming in tongues here. look closely, though. the pastors are armed. and militant. >> it's evil. it's bad. it's against the bible. it's against god. >> reporter: the book, of course, is the koran. the holy book of the world's 1.3 billion muslims, believed by the faithful to be the word of god revealed through his prophet. and pastor terry jones says he will burn it on september 11th. >> we feel that their radical message is necessary. we also want to send a message to the moderate muslim to stay peaceful and moderate. we expect the muslims that are here in america to respect, honor, obey, submit to our constitution. >> reporter: and with that, pastor jones has led his little flock to the brink of a global confrontation and he's dr
from a vatican bank account and are investigating the bank's chairman and general director. the vatican says it is perplexed and surprised by the investigation. this isn't the first time the bank faced trouble. it was involved in a major scandal in the '80s. >>> the common cold may be the key to childhood obesity and you may be living in one of the best communities in america. shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, the local neighborhoods called the best places for young people to live. no. 5, the america's promise alliance is out with its 100 best communities for young people. alexandria virginia, prince william county and calvert county maryland made the list. cities are chosen based on their community's dedication to help students graduate from high school. no. 4, finally encouraging economic news, home construction jumped 10 1/2% last month, but some economists say those numbers are a bit deceiving because apartments and condos made up a bilk of the construction instead of single family -- bulk of the construction instead of single family home. single fami
the coliseum was engulfed in virtual flames. the pope is back of the vatican after his four-day visit to the united kingdom. his tour included repeated calls for people to resist what he describes as aggressive secularization. he also issued its most forthright comments yet on the child sex scandal. >> vatican official said the pope enjoyed a marvelous reception. at of the visit there were fears the trip will be derailed by protest. the pope did express sorrow for the child sex abuse scandal and that one big rally thousands made their views known on that and other issues. but at the end main event, supporters are outnumbered detractors outside. for four days catholics and non- catholics were able to get to know this pulled a lot better. >> absolutely delighted. i was really bald over by this whole thing. i think it has gone extremely well. as a catholic, absolutely delighted. >> nobody wanted in -- >> i think it went as well as we could have. the ones who wanted to protest against them -- could speak about why they did not -- they did that, too. >> many who welcomed the pope's apparen
if they were in jerusalem or rome going to the vatican because poor people can't travel so he went to pope honoras the third he said i had a vision of jesus and mary they came to me kneeling at the altar and jesus asked what do i want and he said i want everybody to go to paradise which is why it says in i tail january on our stairs in north beach, [ speaking in italian ] >> translate for us. >> i want everybody in paradise. i want everybody to go to paradise. so he tells the pope i want you to give us the pardon of racy is he. i want everybody to be -- assisi to be pardoned of their sins and everybody can go to heaven. the pope gave it to him here is this ragged little guy dealing with all these poor people but he is very disciplined and he is called the all time political genius. he went back to racy ski and had the pardon of assisi. i brought the artist with me and the most amazing donor of this whole experience nancy klein of klein vineyards she is the most giving person i debt emotional when i talk about her because -- i get emotional when i talk about her because i needed to raise a
in the vatican, but four priceless tap have gone on display in london. it starts in a fortnight. the tapestries were designed by rafael, and for the first time they have reunited with his original pictures owned by queen elizabeth. >> now this is a special delivery, and they will handle with care. they have been waiting for a long time for this moment, the chance to get their hand on rafael's tapestries. all of them are masterpieces that zpict the acts of st. peter and st. paul. they were economicsed nearly 500 years ago to hang on the lower wallace of the says teen chapel. they were intended to provide scriptural justification of papal authority. >> it is the first time ever that they have been hung side by side with these, the rafael cartoons, the designs and rafael and his assistants painted as a guide to the we'vers who were making the tapestries. it really is quite a union. when you compare the painting with the tapestries, you can see that the we'vers have put their own spin on the composition. for the creators, their admireation for the weavers has only increased. >> when i see the desig
to come to britain to act as an adviser. he has now canceled, the vatican says, because of poor health. the comments have been met with surprise and concern by those we spoke to in scotland. >> i do not know why he would say that. i think we do pretty well for ourselves, and people still believe in their religion anyway. >> i think he has to believe he meant it, especially someone that close to the pope. >> there is no suggestion pope benedict knew about the cardinal's, as before they were published, and the pope is aware of the potential damage they could now cause -- knew about the cardinal's comments before they were published. >> there is a potential of embarrassment with the timing being what it is. the vatican has been working to deflect criticism because of the police scandal and sexuality and abortion. >> thanks for being with us on "bbc world news." do stay if you can. still to come -- reaching out to pakistan's flood victims. more claims that islamist groups are stepping in to help. first, though, the detention of a chinese fishing captain in japan has sparked more protests.
a vatican bank account tuesday, as part of an investigation into a possible money laundering scheme by top church officials. the vatican said it was both perplexexexed >>> twitter's security team apologized after its website was hacked yesterday morning causing pornographic web pages to pop up when some users moused over its site. no information was compromised. >>> keep an eye on adobe systems today. shares of the softwaremaker plunged after low forecasts. >>> finally -- travelers beware. a couple staying at the golden beach hotel in england was kicked out after the second day of their prepaid three-day stay after allegedly posting a negative comment on trip adviser. incidentally, trip advisers says 50% of the hotel's reviewers give it a, "do not recommend." >>> in baseball, twins claim the central and yankees and phillies open up some distance. plus an amazing trick shot goes in, but is it a hole in one? or worth two points? your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> even though we're heading into fall, the summer heat refuses to go away. your forecast is coming up. >>>
the retirement age to 62. widespread in russia and -- widespread interruption. the vatican says the decision by the italian prosecutors to place two officials at the vatican bank under investigation is due to a misunderstanding. officials are accused of failing to comply with laws relating to money laundering. president obama has called for a new approach to aid and development. speaking at the millennium summitt in new york, he said the u.s. was changing its own policy towards an approach that tended to deliver sustainable development. the un has unveiled a new plan focusing on the health of women and children. >> times square in the heart of new york city. this week even hear you cannot get away from the un's poverty message. side by side with the stock reports, a billboard -- [unintelligible] >> if you are a woman in a rural africa, you would say it is more broken promises. [unintelligible] >> this afternoon a pledging ceremony to do something about it headed by the un secretary general. leaders and celebrities promised $40 billion to help fill the gap and meet the target of helping mothe
. this is the first visit in 500 years since king henry viii bank robbery with the vatican. with the pope having arrived in scotland after making the strongest comments yet about the hand #ing of the clergy sex abuse, what is happening. >> the real news is what happened before he even got here. he was speaking to reporters, and he has made the clearest and certainly most detailed admission of guilt. not his own guilt. this was not a personal mea culpa. this was a remarkable statement about the church's guilt. he said, and i quote, the church failed to act quickly or decisively to deal with pedophile priests and the church, its top priority now is to help the victims. he also added that abusive priests must never again be allowed near young children. he went onto say the vetting process for priests must be improved. there was reaction to these comments from victim support groups. they said these are only words. they need to see action. the vatican still keeps all the investigative files on these potential pedophile priests under wraps and is still very little cooperation wean the vatican and loca
. redskins cut ties with a former pro bowler. >>> why investigators have seized $30 million in a vatican bank account. >>> no paris in japan. why the country told the cialite s is not welcome. >>> why a d.c. police officer spent the night guarding a >>> good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. police in prince george's county have a murder mystery on their ands. a woman was killed yesterday in the middle of the afternoon along the 8500 block of greenbelt road. she was found in the stairwell of an artment complex with potentially a bunch of witnesses to help out that investigation. >>> debate over the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is dead for now. senate republics blocked an appeal to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military yesterday. president obama had pledged to repeal this law. majority leader harry reid said he will raise the issue again after the november election. >>> today in congress, tough questions forwo owners of iowa egg farmsinked to a massive salmonella outbreak that sickened 1,500 people. wright county eggs tested positive for salmonella 426 times in the last t
. >>> the vatican says the pope is not going to be changing his plans despite arrests in connection to an alleged terror threat against him. five street cleaners were arrested in an early-morning raid in london after police received a tip about this plot to harm the pope. a sixth person was arrested later. now, details about the alleged plot haven't been released. but the men are between 26 and 50. and as of yet, they have not been charged. pope benedict is in london on the second day of a four-day visit to britain. >>> and the mother of natalee holloway entered a peruvian jail and spoke directly with the man suspected in her daughter's disappearance five years ago. this is all according to holloway's lawyer. beth holloway reportedly told joran van der sloot that she had no hate for him in her soul, but she does want to bring natalee home. van der sloot is charged with murdering a second woman. holloway's attorney says his client did not violate any laws by visiting him. >>> a washington woman who claimed a stranger threw acid in her face is now admitting she did it to herself. bethany storro fac
? >> time now for an "a.m. original." female catholic priests, the vatican opposed to the idea, calling it a crime similar to pedophilia. more women are pursuing the calls of the priesthood. carol costello has the story. good morning, carol. >> you heard kiran mention that pope benedict is in great britain, there to appeal to the millions of catholic in the country. many tickets remain unsold which suggests many of britain's catholics are indifferent to his presence. you could argue many american-catholics feel the same way because of the wait vatican handled the sex abuse scandal. some say it's time for a change in leadership. a big change. that includes women. ♪ >> reporter: for most catholics this is kear use. women in priestly robes. >> mary is a part of that trinity. >> reporter: preaching from the altar. >> this is the lamb of god. >> reporter: consecrating the bread and wine. gloria considers herself a catholic priest, ordained thanks to an unnamed male bishop who secretly ordained women in 2002. have you ever met the secret bishop? >> no, i have not met the secret bishop becau
unchanged and the vatican said it had full faith in patricia security arrangements. we are confident in the work of the police of scotland yard and there's no need to change anything about the program involved. >> security was already tight for the four day papal visit and anti-terror detectives prepared new sweeps after the arrests. >> in westminster hall. the pope spoke to diplomates and political leaders including four prime ministers. benedict insisted that religious belief made a life for the nation and made a case for what he called the legitimate call for religion in the square. while the pope was the subject of attacks. protests have been isolated so far and generally well-received. >> there was a lot of concern in the weeks leading up to the trips, protests and i thinker toward the pope. coverage has been very friendly and so far, it's a pleasant surprise, i think, for the vatican. >> the pope could face large are protests on saturday at public events. pope benedict said at the start of the trip he wasn't worried about any of the controversy surrounding it and from the vatic
with the vatican in the 16th century. now, pope benedict's trip has grown criticism over the cost to the british tax payers and the vatican's handling of the clergy members who sexually abused children. jim maceda joins us now live from london. jim, the pope is being greeted warmly and now traveling to his mass, but there is strong reaction there. >> well, there is strong reaction and even before he got here that might be the headline of the day. you know, he was speaking to reporters on the plane and he did make an admission of guilt. it wasn't his own guilt, he has. >>> gone that far yet, but of the church's guilt as a whole saying that and i quote, the church failed to act quickly with pedophile priest and the church's top priority now is to help the victims. that's what victim support groups here and across the planet now really have been asking for for a number of months to see concrete action that will prevent such abuse in the future. but, in reaction to the pope's comments, a couple of these groups have come out today saying these are still only words, not deeds and the vatican still kee
powerful men in the vatican. it's recently come to light as head of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith cardinal ratzinger had responsible for decisions in some notorious sex abuse cases. gary tuchman examines his handling of one case from the heartland of the united states. >> reporter: he drove 90 minutes north of his diocese office to lincoln. he came here to visit one of his priests, a priest who was living here in a prison. in 1985, father alvin campbell pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault on boys as young as 11 years old. he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. matt mccormick was one of the children campbell abused. >> i don't come by this school and i don't come by the church. >> reporter: starting in seventh grade, campbell molested mccormick in the church's school, the wrerectory and even here. this is the confessional you were in? >> this is the confessional. >> reporter: campbell was sent to prison, but he was still a priest. that's why bishop ryan had come to visit him, to try to convince him to voluntarily leave the priesthood. campbell refused
money in a vatican bank account. we'll tell you why. >>> activists attached themselves to the anchor of an oil drilling ship. what they're asking for. >>> and there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for much of maryland. get your updated first warning forecast next. ,,,, [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute money when you feel like it... then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbar
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